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Singapore-Vietnam Cancer Centre opens in Ho Chi Minh City

The Singapore-Vietnam Cancer Centre (SVCC) opened its doors officially to serve the community from Vietnam on May 6.

Conveniently located at 97 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, SVCC is set up to offer treatments and services for all cancer types as its core operation in Vietnam. Bringing together a team of renowned cancer specialists from Vietnam and Singapore, it is a comprehensive cancer centre providing services ranging from preventive cancer programs, screening for early detection, cancer treatments to post-cancer treatment care.

SVCC is privileged to partner top cancer specialists from Singapore and Vietnam who have years of experience in treating cancer patients and, are recognised in its respective areas of sub-specialisation. With the sub-specialisations of partnering cancer specialists, SVCC treats all cancer types with complete treatment services including medical oncology, oncologic imaging, palliative medicine, surgical oncology and radiation oncology.

Besides, treatments for cancer patients, SVCC is an advocate of cancer prevention and early detection to keep the community in good health and increase the patient’s chance for successful treatments. The community can expect the centre to roll out a year of calendar of events which will include cancer prevention educational talks and forums as well as cancer screening.

SVCC will be the first in Vietnam to offer post-cancer treatment services through Can-Care, a leading provider in post treatments services and related products to aid patients through their recovery process. Located within SVCC itself, Can-Care will also offer a range of products which patients can buy from conveniently.

SVCC strives to provide the best service to the community in Vietnam by offering them a one-stop comprehensive cancer centre where they can turn to for all cancer-related issues from preventive to treatments for all cancer types. It is a centre that is committed to deliver medical excellence and personalized care to patients.


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